Swift Cover Art
Published: 11 August 2017



The point in Swift is to get the apples from point A and to drop them off at point B, then repeating the process as you avoid obstacles and enemies in an effort to accumulate enough points with every trip back and forth. The longer the player is able to ‘survive’, the faster the player -and the enemies- move.

Personal Experience

My projects prior to this have been a mire of half-finished arcade-style games created in Game Maker. This is my first ever finished, public release and as such represents me getting to grips with the new tools.

Delving into the creation of this game, I wanted to face a number of challenges which have always been at the back of my mind, specifically those of animations, an online leaderboard hosted from scratch, porting to Android, as well as a responsive graphical user interface.

As a game, it’s extremely simple. As a personal project, I like to think that it’s a good start.

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